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Solutions Collection 30 Day Brightening System

While your skin may never be as bad as your teenage years, acne, dark spots and uneven complexion are still large skin problems many women face.  Finding one product that works to combat all of the skin’s imperfections can be a greater challenge to passing chemistry (which we did, thankfully). Experienced and licensed esthetician Rianna Loving recognizes that the key to a beautiful and healthy-looking complexion begins with protection and prevention from unavoidable factors, such as aging and environmental exposure.  The ORGO Skin Brightening Kit, packed with four different heavy hitting formulas, offer the most gentle and effective botanical and scientific ingredients (see?  We passed chemistry). Each product works overtime to rejuvenate and wake skin up with a brighter and more radiant complexion without any harsh or unsafe ingredients.

This easy-to-use treatment kit is the perfect solution to assist in diminishing dark areas and reducing the color, size and quantity of pigmented spots.  An infusion of concentrated botanical and scientific ingredients with no additives, this unique 1 month/4 product regimen helps to brighten your skin tone with rejuvenating properties to leave skin smoother, softer and healthier looking – and way better than your teen self has ever seen you.

As featured in: New Beauty Magazine, Audrey Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine, Fitness Magazine and Parent & Child Magazine, Nylon Magazine